Howdy, my name is logan, & I am pilgrim.

I am a designer based in Kansas City.



I love creating. I believe we were all born to create in some way. I find so much joy in the history and nostalgia of age old crafts and creating with your hands. That is what drew me to the world of design. I love being able to take a simple idea and put pencil to paper and seeing what comes out! There is a feel you get in a handmade design that you can't get in this mechanical world. The imperfections and character of the design make it stand out from the rest. 


I have enjoyed perfecting my craft over these years and I hope to continue to grow and learn more every day. If you like my work and would want to see what awesome things we can create together, reach out and let's get creating!   


COPYRIGHT 2019   |   Pilgrim   |   KANSAS CITY

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